Infantry Tents

Cost 1,300
Repair cost 520
Repair cost if ruined 1,040
  • -1 food
Building Chain (Armenia, Armenia (Emperor Edition), Parthia, Parthia (Emperor Edition))

Levies could be quickly mustered, outfitted and turned into an army whether citizens or subjects. Usually commanded by nobles or local dignitaries, levies supplemented the elite professional soldiers. Parthian armies, for example, were created by command of the king, who ordered his subordinates to muster troops and gather at an appointed time and place. These noblemen brought their households, attendant warriors, and hamspah - or levies. Over time there was a gradual move away from citizen and subject recruits to professional standing armies and greater use of mercenaries. Both classes were formerly levies who saw warfare as a career rather than a duty. In turn, this opened the way for promotion on merit rather than birth, creating armies loyal to generals rather than the old social order.