Parthian Foot Archers

Recruitment Cost 400
Upkeep Cost 80
Missile Damage 40
Range 150
Shots Per Minute 6
Ammunition 15
Melee Attack 9
Weapon Damage 24
Charge Bonus 4
Melee Defence 13
Armour 10
Health 50
Base Morale 35
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Long range
  • Average rate of fire
  • Good damage but low armour penetration
  • Very weak in melee
  • Very poor morale

Eastern archers could inflict heavy casualties when used in large numbers, and their composite bows gave them a good range, accuracy and penetrating power. The composite bow was, as its name suggests, made from many materials, and its layers of wood, sinew and animal horn made it a very effective energy-storing spring. In the hands of a reasonable bowman, an arrow from a composite bow would go through chainmail at respectable ranges. It did not, however, take kindly to getting wet. The glues used in its construction soon broke down in damp conditions. In the deserts of the east this was hardly a problem, but it does explain why the composite bow was never adopted in Europe.

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