Arabaya Stables

Cost 2,600
Repair cost 1,040
Repair cost if ruined 2,080
  • +1 army recruitment capacity
  • -6 food
Building Chain (Armenia, Armenia (Emperor Edition), Parthia, Parthia (Emperor Edition))

Light cavalry was common in the armies of eastern states and steppe peoples. For all kinds of light horsemen, from the Aphraktoi to Scythian or Saka archers, speed was armour. They relied on the swiftness and stamina of their mounts, from majestic Persian horses to smaller and livelier Armenian breeds, and even dromedaries or Bactrian camels. Usually assigned to patrol trade routes and empty borderlands, and as scouts and flanking cavalry in times of war, such units were prized. In battle, light cavalry were expected to harry the enemy with javelins or arrows, and withdraw quickly in the face of serious opposition. When their numbers were great enough, they could chase off opposing skirmishers, but would only closely engage other troops once they broke, driving them from the field and preventing them rallying.

Local Garrison
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