Cost 2,700
Repair cost 1,080
Repair cost if ruined 2,160
  • +10% wealth from manufacturing (industry)
  • 200 wealth from local commerce
  • -4 public order per turn (squalor)
Building Chain (Antony's Rome (Emperor Edition), Lepidus' Rome (Emperor Edition), Octavian's Rome (Emperor Edition), Pompey's Rome (Emperor Edition), Rome, Rome (Caesar in Gaul), Rome (Hannibal at the Gates))

Silver mining was a difficult and dangerous business. The work was left to slaves who would often die after two or three years underground from lead poisoning. However, silver was so valuable it was thought to be worth the risk and even associated with divine powers because of its reflectivity and resistance to rust. It was also known for its health benefits. Although not exactly understanding its scientific properties, the Romans knew that dropping a coin into wine would make it safer to drink. Silver coins were minted as early as 600BC by the Greeks and the silver denarius of Rome is perhaps the most recognisable coin of the ancient world.