Pompey's Rome (Emperor Edition)

Roman Legions: +1 recruitment slot in all your provinces
One Ruler: All Roman factions share a major diplomatic penalty with all other Roman factions (cultural aversion)


Caesar’s death meant strife and uncertainty to many, but to Sextus Pompey, it seemed a cauldron of opportunity. As the son of Pompey the Great, Caesar’s chief political and military adversary, he was relentlessly pursued across the Roman world until he found safety in Sicily. With the death of Caesar came more good news; in the Senate’s desperation to prevent another dictatorship, they turned to the outcast for protection. Brutus was given command of the army and Pompey, commander of an already formidable Sicilian fleet, was commissioned to wield the full power Rome’s navy against the Caesareans./n/nPompey took advantage of the political instability to extend his control to Corsica and Sardinia. After the formation of the Second Triumvirate, these very territories were allotted to Octavian, adopted son of Caesar. Pompey responded by blockading the shipping routes that fed Rome. Though the blockade was broken, Pompey had no trouble in repelling the counterattack, especially as the focus of the Triumvirate shifted to Caesar’s remaining assassins./n/nNow these distractions are gone and Pompey is the last bastion of republican resistance to dictatorship. If he is cunning, he may harness anti-Triumvirate feeling in the Senate and direct it against his enemies. His location enables the deployment of his navy to great effect, but also makes him a high-priority target for his enemies. The self-proclaimed Son of Neptune will have to think carefully about how he plays the cards he has been dealt…

Other Houses

By age and experience these noble families are most qualified to rule or provide counsel when necessary.

Pompey Dynasty

Sextus Pompey was ambitious with designs on Rome. Whilst the Second Triumvirate dealt with the more immediate threat of Caesar’s Senatorial assassins, Pompey had the time to build a powerful army and navy at his island base of Sicily.
  • Power Struggle: +5% corruption in your provinces
  • Expert Seafarers: +1 recruitment slots in all ports
  • Pioneers: +10% movement range for all armies and fleets