Cost 4,500
Repair cost 1,800
Repair cost if ruined 3,600
  • +10% wealth from mining (industry)
  • 400 wealth from manufacturing (industry)
  • -4 public order per turn (squalor)
Building Chain (Antony's Rome (Emperor Edition), Lepidus' Rome (Emperor Edition), Octavian's Rome (Emperor Edition), Pompey's Rome (Emperor Edition), Rome, Rome (Caesar in Gaul), Rome (Hannibal at the Gates))

Jewellers provided the ancient world with one of the most potent methods of displaying wealth and status. The art of smithing precious metals was re-introduced to the western Mediterranean from the east, which also acted as the source for most of the raw ingredients. The inevitable associations with far off places made jewellery all the more prestigious, as ownership signalled extensive trade connections. In time, the Greco-Roman world developed its own unique styles with ever increasing sophistication. The cameo, a method of carving a layered gem with a raised relief of contrasting colour, is arguably the finest example, and was highly sought after at the time.