Siege Engineers' Workshop

Cost 3,500
Repair cost 1,400
Repair cost if ruined 2,800
  • 150 wealth from manufacturing (industry)
  • -6 public order per turn (squalor)
Building Chain (Antony's Rome (Emperor Edition), Lepidus' Rome (Emperor Edition), Octavian's Rome (Emperor Edition), Pompey's Rome (Emperor Edition), Rome, Rome (Caesar in Gaul), Rome (Hannibal at the Gates))

An army on the move must be able to take on any challenge. When marching in enemy territory it was vital that the Roman army had specialised engineers with them to construct everything from bridges and fortifications to siege engines and roads. The establishment of a road network was crucial if it was to be supplied quickly and efficiently. Every legionary carried digging tools, but engineers brought expertise to the work party. Examples of extraordinary military engineering during campaigns include Julius Caesar’s bridge across the Rhine in 55BC and the wall and massive assault ramp built during the siege of Masada in AD73. The army also took part in ostensibly civilian projects such as brickmaking, building and harbour construction.