Cost 3,800
Repair cost 1,520
Repair cost if ruined 3,040
  • 140 wealth from manufacturing (industry)
  • -4 food
Building Chain (Antony's Rome (Emperor Edition), Lepidus' Rome (Emperor Edition), Octavian's Rome (Emperor Edition), Pompey's Rome (Emperor Edition), Rome, Rome (Caesar in Gaul), Rome (Hannibal at the Gates))

Rome is seen by most people as a military power not a naval one. The navy, though, was a key part of Roman power, acting in support of the army and carrying it to war. The Roman Navy was in action all over the Empire, even on major rivers like the Danube and the Rhine, and had facilities nearly everywhere as ships needed constant care to keep them ready for action. Dry docks had been built in the ancient world as far back as 200BC, and the Romans had many of them to build, repair and maintain their fleet or 'classis' across the Empire. Roman citizens didn't have to work as oarsmen, and auxiliaries serving as such were given citizenship after 26 years of service. The Romans could be excellent fighting sailors, as demonstrated by Octavian's fleet at the Battle of Actium in 31BC. Unfortunately, the enemy were other Romans under Mark Antony.