Market Settlement

Cost 1,800
Repair cost 720
Repair cost if ruined 1,440
  • +3% wealth from all commerce
  • 100 wealth from local commerce
  • +2 growth per turn
  • -1 food
Building Chain (Antony's Rome (Emperor Edition), Lepidus' Rome (Emperor Edition), Octavian's Rome (Emperor Edition), Pompey's Rome (Emperor Edition), Rome, Rome (Caesar in Gaul), Rome (Hannibal at the Gates))

Wherever the Romans went they not only conquered but also settled and built communities. They used stone and brick to construct colonies that were meant to last. Colonial towns developed from small hamlets and villages, some of which already existed, becoming centres of regional administration and commerce. The planned provincial towns or 'civitates' were built in a square grid pattern with stone peripheral walls for protection. The smaller 'vici' were less formal, often growing up outside Roman army camps in order to supply soldiers with the comforts and pleasures of home.