Armenia (Emperor Edition)

Persian Trade Heritage: +10% wealth from all commerce buildings
Great Marksmen: +25% ammunition for all units


Armenia is familiar with the rise and fall of empires. Until it was conquered by the Medes, its iron-age Urartu Kingdom was matched only by Assyria in size and power. Reduced to a satrapy, Armenia passed into the hands of Alexander the Great, and latterly the Seleucids. This subjugation had its benefits: Seleucid power eventually declined enough for Armenia to break away and become a sophisticated Hellenistic state in its own right.

Armenia’s prime trading location between the Black and Caspian seas gave rise to new cities and ushered in an age of prosperity that left it poised to restore former glories. Tigranes the Great took advantage of Seleucid instability to seize Syria in 83BC, and a marriage alliance with Pontus soon cemented Armenia’s position as one of the largest kingdoms in the east. Between Armenia’s rapid growth and Pontus’ aggressive western expansion, Rome was compelled to intervene, and sent an army to cut the two kingdoms down to size. Following the battle of Tigranocerta in 69BC, Armenia was relieved of much of its territory and forced to become a Roman client state.

However, while this once-proud kingdom has not yet risen again, it has taken note of Rome’s instability following Caesar’s death… Trade connections guarantee wealth, mountains provide a defensive refuge, and its cavalry are second to none. With Armenia’s history of rapidly building empires, can it rise to the challenge and do so again?

Other Families

The leading families of provinces benefit from the empire, and are united at court by a shared culture. The royal household serves as a crucible for the otherwise disparate nobility.

Orontid Dynasty

Due to its strategic location, the Kingdom of Armenia was much coveted by foreign empires. It both enjoyed and endured different states of independence throughout its history. At the time of Rome's succession troubles it was a client state, existing in uneasy alliance with the Romans.
  • Landlocked: +10% naval unit recruitment costs
  • Bridge Builders: Minor diplomatic bonus with all Hellenistic and eastern factions (cultural affinity)
  • A Proud People: +10% morale for all units during battles within owned territory
Starting Region(s)
Artaxa Carana Tigranocerta