Boiotian League (Wrath of Sparta)

Slaves: 50% reduction in slave population decline
Slaves: -85% reduction in unrest caused by slaves but also income generated by them


Occupying a position of strategic importance on the Gulf of Korinthos’ northern shore, the region of Boiotia has strong frontiers and good trade connections within its area of influence. However, its dearth of natural harbours has hindered development of up-to-date naval technology and infrastructure.

Thebai is Boiotia’s largest city and capital of the Boiotian League; a religious confederation at first, it is now chiefly concerned with trade and mutual defence. Unlike many similar groupings, the Boiotian League stands out as truly unified against common enemies, and as such has stood the test of time. Having said that, Thebai supported Persia during its second invasion of Greece, in 480BC, following the losses at Thermopylae. As a result, it was displaced as hegemon of the League for a time following the invaders’ decisive defeat, before being reinstated by Sparta to check perceived Athenian imperialism in the region. This inevitably led to invasion, followed by ten years of Athenian occupation and puppet governments before Boiotian independence was won at the Battle of Coronea in 447BC.

Despite a negotiated peace, and difficult relations with Sparta due to the nature of the treaty, Boiotian enmity towards Athenai has continued unabated to this day; in fact, the League's member-cities are an important part of the Spartan-led resistance to Athenian hegemony over the Peloponnesus. Now, fuelled by its rival's interference in Korinthian colonial matters, the Boiotian League is poised – along with its allies Sparta and Korinthos – to end Athenai's empire-building once and for all!


A rival of Thebai since Mycenaean times, the city of Orchomenos joined the Boiotian League around 600BC. Nevertheless, the two cities continue to compete.


Plataea is famous as the site where the Persian invasion was decisively defeated on land in 479BC. It, like many cities in Boiotia, remains a rival of Thebai.


Thebai, the largest and greatest city in Boiotia, is leader of the Boiotian League. Punished for its unpatriotic attitude during the Persian invasion, its leadership was stripped but later restored by Sparta.
  • Confederacy: -10% tax rate in all regions
  • Rising Military: +10% morale for all units
  • Rival of Athens: -20 diplomatic relations with all Ionian factions


Thespiae joined the Boiotian League after facing a Thessalian invasion. It is a neighbour and close ally of Thebai, though tensions rose during the Persian invasion.
Starting Region(s)
Delphi Opos Thebai