Korinthos (Wrath of Sparta)

Slaves: 50% reduction in slave population decline
Slaves: -85% reduction in unrest caused by slaves but also income generated by them


Although there have been settlements on the site of Korinthos for many thousands of years, before the Bacchiadae clan seized control of the city in the 8th century BC the city was very much a minor player in Greek affairs. Unseating the last king, Telestes, they introduced a form of oligarchy – ruling jointly under the direction of an annually-elected ruler.

Unified under this new system, Korinthos became rich from trade due to its geographical position, using the wealth to launch public construction projects on a large scale and forge colonies as far afield as Syracuse, in Sicily. Following a period of tyranny under Cypselus and his son, Periander, the Korinthians rose up and returned the city to an oligarchical form of government.

Around this time, Korinthos allied with Sparta, and went on to fight against the Persian invasions as part of the Hellenic League. The inventors of the conflict-winning trireme warship, Korinthos supplied forty such vessels for the Athenian victory at Salamis, which ended the Greco-Persian Wars. However, Athenai’s recent support of the rebel colony, Korkyra, in a colonial matter, along with ancient rivalries over trade, has caused hostilities between Korinthos and its wealthy, prestigious neighbour.

A great confrontation is sure to ensue, in which Korinthos and its Peloponnesian League allies must deny the enemy naval supremacy to emerge victorious. Therefore, the city must build a strong fleet if it is to face down Athenai’s fearsome naval prowess. Additionally, Korinthos’ has a sizeable population from which to draw its citizen soldiers – in the coming conflict its armies could be a dangerous proposition on land also, and far more than a mere foil to the expected Spartan battlefield supremacy…

Autocratic Party

Although the tyrants of Korinthos are long dead, there are those who believe power should be wielded by a single, strong ruler.

Conservative Party

In all political systems there are those who are happy with the state of affairs and those who will do anything to change it.
  • Love of Aphrodite: +2 growth in all regions
  • Maritime Heritage: +10% ship battle speed
  • Shadow of Athens: -10% to all manufacturing income

Populist Party

Where there are politics there are people who will play to the crowd if it gets them into power.

Tyrannic Party

Korinthos was once ruled by a great line of tyrants. Thinking it a great and glorious time, there are those would see it ruled that way once more.