Sparta (Wrath of Sparta)

Slaves: 50% reduction in slave population decline
Slaves: -85% reduction in unrest caused by slaves but also income generated by them


The kingdom of Sparta has been at the centre of Greek political life since the 10th century BC. An entirely militarised culture, the Spartans are truly a force to be reckoned with. As such, they have been the supreme military power in the region for almost two hundred years.

However, recent events - the two devastating Greco-Persian Wars - have led to the emergence of a new challenger for the title of ‘hegemon’. Despite widespread recognition of Sparta’s position as overall commander of Greek forces during the conflict, and its noble, crucial sacrifice at Thermopylae, Athenai’s important roles in the Greek victories at Marathon, Plataea and the naval battle of Salamis have dramatically increased its prestige throughout the country. Capitalising on this, the newly-formed Delian League – which Athenai dominates - is now in effective control of the entire region and on the verge of re-igniting the war with Persia.

Never having completely recovered from its losses during the Persian campaigns, Sparta is not yet ready to repel a third Persian attack. It could, however, with the help of states such as the strategically-important city of Korinthos, hope to defeat Athenai and its considerably weaker allies. To do this, Sparta and its Peloponnesian League must achieve decisive victory over Athenai at sea and break the loyalty of the Delian League states. This is not as straightforward as its sounds, though; Spartan forces may be supreme on land, but Athenai’s navy is mighty and undefeated, and for the Spartans – who were born to be the ultimate warriors - intrigue and espionage leave a foul taste.


The Agiads are descended from Eurysthenes, one of the Heracleidae. His son, Agis I, was the first of his line to co-rule Sparta alongside the Eurypontids.
  • Lack of subtlety: -1 for all agent attributes (zeal, authority, cunning)
  • Helots: +100% wealth from slaves
  • Spartiate: +1 experience for all Spartan units


Procles - twin brother of Eurysthenes, from whom the Agiads claim descent - was also of the Heracleidae. His son, Eurypon, founded the Eurypontid dynasty of Spartan co-rulers.
Starting Region(s)
Lamia Kythera Messenia Pylos Sparta