Persian Trade Heritage: +10% wealth from all commerce buildings
Great Marksmen: +25% ammunition for all units


Armenia’s proud past could yet inspire an even greater future. Born in the highlands, the Iron Age Uratu Empire spread across much of the northern Levant until it rivalled the Assyrians’ in size and power. Although eventually fragmenting and falling to the Medes, their satraps – the Orontid dynasty – have maintained a vigorous hold on power despite centuries of change, giving them enough authority to exert influence over their ruler’s court.

After Persia was defeated by Alexander, Armenia swore nominal loyalty to him and his Successors. However, when the Seleucid Empire’s expansion in the east weakened its control in the west, it seized the chance to declare independence once more.

Now, as the Seleucids slowly disintegrate, and a whole host of newly independent states look to establish empires, Armenia has emerged into a world rich with opportunity and danger. Yet a number of advantages equip it to thrive in this world; its proximity to the coasts of the Black and Caspian seas make it uniquely positioned for international trade. Also, Armenia’s armies combine the best of both its Hellenistic and Iranian influences to devastating effect. Finally, the territory’s northern border of Caucasian mountains protect its rear should King Orontes III wish to campaign in the Levant. In these times of change and opportunity, what is to stop Armenia’s leader from surpassing his illustrious forebears?

Other Families

The leading families of provinces benefit from the empire, and are united at court by a shared culture. The royal household serves as a crucible for the otherwise disparate nobility.

Orontid Dynasty

Due to its strategic location, the Kingdom of Armenia was much coveted by foreign empires. It both enjoyed and endured different states of independence throughout its history. At the time of Rome's succession troubles it was a client state, existing in uneasy alliance with the Romans.
  • Landlocked: +10% naval unit recruitment costs
  • Bridge Builders: Minor diplomatic bonus with all Hellenistic and eastern factions (cultural affinity)
  • A Proud People: +10% morale for all units during battles within owned territory
Starting Region(s)
Armavir Tushpa Arsamosata