Warrior Society: +1 public order for every war against a neighbouring faction
Gallic Horsemanship: +1 experience rank for Gallic cavalry recruits


Celts of Gallic descent, the Galatians have recently settled and already dominate areas of central Anatolia and Phrygia. Proud warriors famed for their skill, loyalty, and ferocity in battle, they are highly prized as mercenaries throughout the Hellenistic world.

Comprised of three tribes, the Tectosages, Tolistobogii, and Trocmi, the Galatians splintered off from Brennus’s Gauls during their invasion of Macedon and Greece in 279BC. Moving first through Thrace, they crossed the Bosporus into Asia Minor as allies of Nicomedes of Bithynia, in exchange for defeating his brother in their dynastic quarrel. After joining Nicomedes in a brief struggle against the expansionist Seleucids, they settled the area that would eventually become known as Galatia. The territory is divided between the three tribes, each maintaining its own capital and rule, but coming together in council at Drynemeton, a sacred grove of oaks situated southwest of Ancyra, the Tectosages’ capital. Leaving the indigenous Cappadocians relative control of their own lands in exchange for tithes, the Galatians are gradually becoming a military aristocracy. Much like the Spartans before them, this enables them to focus fully on their martial skills. Fighting in the Celtic style, they make deadly use of swords, javelins, and oval shields.

Situated at the heart of Asia Minor, the Galatians have many choices before them: extend their control over Cappadocia, or strike for the sea, through Pontus, Pergamon, or Bithynia, and, with their position consolidated, sweep either east or west.

Other Chiefs

By age and experience the elders in the council are the wisest men, and therefore the most qualified to rule and provide counsel when necessary.

Elder Chiefs

The Galatians are the Gauls of the east, led through Thrace to Asia Minor by their kings, Lotarios and Leonnorios, to rule over the weak, subservient Cappadocians.
  • Isolated: +20% non-mercenary recruitment costs
  • Gallo-Graeci: Moderate diplomatic bonus with all Hellenic factions (cultural affinity)
  • Plunderers: +25% income from raiding and sacking
Starting Region(s)
Specialist Units