Warrior Society: +1 public order for every war against a neighbouring faction
Fierce Independence: +10% melee defence for all units during battles in own or allied territory


The Iceni are organised as a kingdom in southern Britain, a grouping of smaller tribal groups ruled by a central monarchy. Their lands mostly lie to the flat lands and fens of east, bordering the sea.

Far from being barbarians, no matter what others might claim, the Iceni have established a capital, called Venta Icenorum in Latin, and large religious centres at modern-day Snettisham and Thetford. Although mostly agricultural, their economy is sophisticated, and they mint their own coins. Their rich cultural heritage, craft skills and wealth are all shown by the fantastic gold torcs and jewellery worn by the Iceni nobility.

In war they are as skilled as other Celts, with bravery and cunning among their warriors given recognition and reward. After long feuds with the Coritani and Atrebates, both neighbouring tribes, the Iceni are well practiced in the arts of raiding and mobile warfare, particularly the use of chariots. After harrying the enemy with javelins, warriors dismount from their chariots and engage the enemy proving their individual skill and courage. The Iceni also paint or tattoo themselves to strike fear into their enemies.

Perhaps the Iceni can become a mighty power in the north, and unite the Iron Age tribes of Britain and the Celts of Western Europe. Perhaps they have the potential to sweep south and east, driving all before them. Perhaps one day the Old Gods of Britain will be worshipped by the shores of the Mediterranean…

Other Chiefs

By age and experience the elders in the council are the wisest men, and therefore the most qualified to rule and provide counsel when necessary.

Elder Chiefs

The Iceni are a proud, fierce people from the flatlands of eastern Britannia, and among the toughest tribes of that mist-wreathed island.
  • Yearning for Home: %-n% morale penalty when fighting in enemy or neutral territory
  • Cultural Aspirations: Moderate diplomatic bonus with all non-barbarian tribes (cultural affinity)
  • Children of Andraste: +10% charge bonus for all units when attacking
Starting Region(s)
Specialist Units