Odrysian Kingdom (Pirates & Raiders)

Rapid Campaigns: +50% mercenary upkeep costs
Promise of Loot: -50% mercenary recruitment costs


The Odrysian Kingdom aspires to be something greater than a union of like-minded Thracian tribes. Eschewing the trappings of tribalism, Teres I united many of them following the collapse of Persian ambition in Greece, forming the Odrysian state with himself as king. Despite the limited scope of Odrysian hegemony - the kingdom is bounded by the Black Sea and the River Danube - they are generally referred to as the 'Kings of Thrace'.

Having allied themselves with Athens, the Odrysians spoke Greek and used it as their administrative language. Greek styles also permeated the Odrysian's military culture, its traditional cavalry nobility being augmented by infantry in phalanx formation.

Now that road networks and basic policies have been established, the groundwork is laid for a stable, civilised Thracian society. However, by the beginning of the 3rd century BC centralised royal power hasn't overcome tribal politics completely, and the kingdom's territory has effectively shrunk to a third of its original size as separatist tribes have gradually broken away.

Though reduced in stature, the Odrysian Kingdom has survived against the odds. Now, recovering from a period of instability following the death of Alexander the Great, its old enemy Macedon is rising once again. A successful conclusion to its war with Epirus may lead Macedon to attempt the re-conquest of former territory to the north and east, so there is prudence in re-establishing old alliances with the Greek city-states to the south. A united Odrysia could prove more than a match for its aggressive neighbours, and has the potential to conquer the entire region!

Other Families

By age and experience these noble families are most qualified to rule or provide counsel when necessary.

Royal Family

The Odrysian Kingdom is a group of Thracian tribes united under the rule of its royal family. However, the extent of its sovereignty is limited, allowing a degree of autonomy at tribal level.
  • Hellenic Emnity: -20 to diplomacy with all Hellenic factions
  • Raiders: +100% income from raiding
  • Deadly Aim: +2 experience rank(s) for missile recruits
Starting Region(s)
Specialist Units