Pergamon (Black Sea Colonies)

Far from Home: +2 to cultural conversion
Greek Knowledge: +5% research rate


Although a minor player in the Greek wars against Persia, Pergamon came to prominence during the struggle between Alexander the Great’s Successors for control of his fragmented empire. In the aftermath of the great Macedonian king’s death, Lysimachus of Thrace took possession of the city, using it to store the treasury needed for his continuing war against Antigonus. However, Philaeterus, left in charge of the hoard, promised the silver talents, Pergamon, and his sword to Seleucus. Unfortunately, as was so often the case in Successor politics, Seleucus was murdered shortly after killing Lysimachus at Corupedium in 281BC, leaving Philaeterus holding both the money and the now-expanded fortress around it.

Although technically still an outpost of the Seleucid Empire, Pergamon has flourished under Philaeterus, in line with his extended influence within Asia Minor. The city itself has gained its impressive acropolis, along with sizeable temples to Demeter and Athena, Pergamon’s patron among the gods.

Although Pergamon has become a centre of Hellenistic culture in the region, a beacon of light and learning following fifty years of relentless slaughter, it not yet a kingdom in the truest sense. With the Seleucid Empire in decline, the time is right for expansion beyond its borders. Yet there are new threats to be faced - the Galatian Gauls have recently arrived in the region, and in the east the duplicitous Pontus and Cappadocia are vying to expand. Pergamon must be strong to meet these growing threats to its sovereignty, it must show them how a true Successor state survives.

Royal Philoi

The first and honoured friends of the King, chosen by him on merit to advise on matters of state. Experienced and trustworthy, they are capable of ruling in his stead if necessary.

Attalid Dynasty

The eunuch ruler of Pergamon, Philaeterus, inherited the city following the murder of his benefactor, Seleucus Nicator. A benevolent ruler, he governs with intelligence and wisdom.
  • Town Growth: +4 growth per turn
  • Military Underdogs: +10% non-mercenary recruitment cost
  • Great Builders: -25% building construction costs
Starting Region(s)