Alexander's Legacy: -20% resistance to foreign occupation
Successor Conflicts: +10% morale for all units during battles against Hellenic factions


Egypt measures time in dynasties. The latest ruling family, the sons and daughters of Ptolemy, general of Alexander, is the 31st dynasty to rule. The original Ptolemy was a Companion of Alexander appointed as a regional governor. With the death of Alexander he took Egypt as his own, and has established a secure dynasty in proper Egyptian style. Once again, this time under the guidance of Greek outsiders, Egypt has become a centre of trade, culture and learning. Its rulers are wise enough to rule not as Macedonians, but as Pharaohs. The systems of government and religion that they have inherited continue to serve them well, even as a new Graeco-Egyptian upper class has come into being. Greek learning and culture is now as prized as native Egyptian ways, by the ruling classes at least.

Not everything has been completely without stresses and strains. Greek veterans have been settled in Egyptian lands, and the locals have not always reacted well. Graeco-Egyptian garrisons are not always in harmony with the communities they protect and police. There have been uprisings by the Egyptian lower orders. However, the synthesis of Greek and Egyptian, even though the word is Greek, has proven fruitful. The army of Ptolemaic Egypt ensured the security and independence of Ptolemy’s Successor state, and continues to impress enemies with its mixture of Greek and Egyptian troops. At sea, Egyptian fleets patrol the trade routes, and Egyptian shipwrights are well respected for their vessels.

Egypt, then, looks both inwards and outwards. The Nile feeds and sustains the people. Trade and wealth beckon Egyptian merchants to cross the seas. And Egypt’s interests and prospects must be protected by the divine Pharaoh’s generals and admirals. There is much that could be achieved…

Other Families

The Ptolemaic court is a complicated blend of imported Greek nobility and an increasingly-Hellenised, native Egyptian aristocracy.

Ptolemaic Dynasty

One of Alexander the Great’s generals, Ptolemy, was father to the current Egyptian ruler. Under his reign Ptolemaic Egypt remains rich, powerful, and influential.
  • Foreign Dynasty: +25% public order penalties due to presence of foreign cultures
  • Ptolemaic Enlightenment: +10% research rate
  • Naval Prowess: +1 experience rank for Egyptian ship recruits
Starting Region(s)
Myos Hormos Memphis Alexandria Diospolis Jerusalem Petra
Specialist Units