Classical Heritage: +2 to cultural conversion
Fierce Independence: +10% melee defence for all units during battles in own or allied territory


Syracuse is no stranger to war, fiercely championing its independence throughout its long, bloody history. A string of tyrannical leaders dominate that history, defending Syracusan sovereignty against fellow Greeks, Carthaginians and threats from within through a series of treacherous and gruelling wars. In spite of these trials, it has become renowned across the ancient world as a centre for culture and science. Syracuse is also a wealthy state, profiting from its prime position in the central Mediterranean.

Following a brief period of democracy following the death of the popular tyrant Agathocles, and another controlled by Pyrrhus of Epirus, Hiero II is now in control of Syracuse and has designs on the entire island. This will inevitably reawaken the city's longstanding conflict with Carthage, now at the peak of its powers and pushing its unique brand of mercantile colonialism. However, Syracuse is both rich and strong; it has always repelled invaders and could do so again.

In 272BC Syracuse stands on a precipice: will it be consumed by the expansion of a burgeoning empire, or forge its own destiny?

Other Dynasties

This body serves as advisors to the tyrant of Syracuse, drawn from among its citizens. They also serve as a council of magistrates.

Deinomenid Dynasty

Originally from the island of Telos in the Aegean Sea, the rulers of Syracuse are tyrants descended from a long line of tyrants before them.
  • Flowering Culture: +20% wealth from culture
  • Power Struggle: +10% corruption in your provinces
  • Archimedes' Eureka: +10% research rate
Starting Region(s)
Specialist Units