Player Objectives


Total War: ROME II is a game of two halves: strategic play - such as recruitment, construction and the conquest of regions - occurs on the campaign map; tactical play - individual battles fought in 3D against a real or AI opponent - occurs on the battlefield.

Victory Conditions

Each faction has ultimate objectives that they must complete to achieve victory. There are, however, three distinct routes that can be taken: military, cultural and economic. Primary objectives provide milestones, steering your faction towards its ultimate aim. Each of these is accompanied by a set of bonus objectives, inspired by historical precedence. Whilst completing them gives your faction further advantages, they are entirely optional.


From time to time you will be presented with missions to undertake. Mission objectives may be reviewed on the objectives panel. Although there is no penalty for failure, successful completion of a mission results in a reward, often in the form of bonus effects for your faction. If a mission becomes unachievable due to factors outside your control it will be cancelled automatically.

The Objectives Panel

The objectives panel defaults to show your faction's chapter objectives, with bonus objectives available by clicking on the numbered buttons down the left-hand side. The rewards for successful completion of an objective together with the time allotted for doing so are displayed at the bottom of the panel. Press the button on the right-hand side to see your ultimate objectives for the entire campaign, select the type of victory you wish to play for - military, economic or cultural - using the buttons down the left-hand side.