Advanced Settings

Legendary Difficulty

On the faction selection screen it is also possible to choose to play on a "legendary" level of difficulty. When selected, legendary difficulty applies to both campaign map and battlefield play, campaign play enabling the unique achievement "Imperator". On the campaign map it carries the following restrictions: manual saving will be disabled and auto-saving will occur at the end of each turn and before and after each battle. It will not be possible to reload any save but the last one that occurred. On the battlefield legendary difficulty will carry the following restrictions: the tactical overview map will be minimised - it will not be possible to re-open it and it will not be possible to issue orders or move the camera when the battle is paused. It will only be possible to open the game menu and exit the battle, all enemy unit tooltips will be restricted to the type of unit and number of troops, camera movement will be limited to within 200 metres of any of your units, and any enemy units more than 600 metres away will function as if hiding.

Battle Realism Setting

It is possible to enable the same battle control and interface restrictions available in legendary difficulty mode to other difficulty levels. Simply click the checkbox on the faction selection screen.