The Campaign Interface


Use the campaign interface to run your empire. Although there are more detailed descriptions of panels under the relevant categories in the drop-down menu on the right, this basic guide to campaign map functionality can get you started straight away:

The Faction Panel

All elements relating to the running of your faction are displayed on the faction panel - accessed via the dedicated button at the bottom of the campaign map, which always carries the symbol of your faction. It contains the following columns and tabs:

The Objectives Panel

The objectives panel defaults to show your faction's chapter objectives, with bonus objectives available by clicking on the numbered buttons down the left-hand side.

The Trade & Finance Panel

Your economy is managed via the trade & finance panel. It shows a summary of your projected income, maps the effect that the current tax rate is having on public order and wealth, and allows the adjustment of tax levels globally for every region under your control.

The Technology Panel

The technology panel enables the research of new ideas that may give you a technological or cultural advantage over your rivals.

The Diplomacy Panel

The diplomacy system enables you to construct deals with other factions to facilitate increased trade, military alliances and access through territory, peace treaties, and payments to secure an agreement, and, finally, when all else has failed, formal declarations of war.

The Battle Panel

Whenever you attack an enemy or are attacked the battle panel is displayed. The battle panel presents you with several options for resolving the upcoming battle - fighting on the battlefield or seascape, resolving the battle automatically via a comparison of each force's statistics and withdrawing from the fight.

Event Messages

All important event messages are stored in the events list above the strategic overview map and on the records tab of the faction panel. When an important event occurs it will open automatically.

Forces & Agents

Next to events is a list showing all the forces and agents under your control, their names, troop or crew numbers where appropriate, and a bar containing available action points. Click on one to zoom to it.


Next to the list detailing your forces and agents is one showing all the provinces under your control, their food production levels, public order and wealth, and can be sorted by each of those headings. It also shows those provinces adjacent to your own, so you can make informed decisions regarding future conquests.


Finally, there is the list that shows all factions currently known to you, whether you can trade or are trading with them, their diplomatic status and current attitude towards you. It can be sorted by each of those headings.

End Turn

When you have completed every action you want to during a turn, press the end turn button to advance to the next one. Before it is your turn again the AI-controlled factions will take theirs. This may mean you are attacked and must fight before you can consolidate or move your forces again.

Turns & Date

In Total War: ROME II, turns are represented by the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the map graphics changing to reflect seasonal weather conditions. The date is displayed above the end turn button in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.


The treasury indicates the amount of money in your faction's coffers next to the projected income for the next turn. This information is displayed above the end turn button.

Quick Save/Load

You can save your game at any point by pressing Ctrl + S on your keyboard. Saves will be labelled as "Quick Save". To instantly load the last save simply press Ctrl + L on your keyboard.