Moving Your Forces


Left-click to select an army or fleet and then right-click to move it to any part of the highlighted area - this is the extent of its movement capability during a single turn.


The road system within regions and provinces improves as prosperity increases. Better quality roads increase the movement speed of the armies and agents who use it and the line of sight from both the road and the nearest settlement. They also improve the chances of detecting enemy agents.

Blocking Army Movement

Positioning an army in front of a bridge, in a narrow mountain pass - anywhere that movement is restricted - enables that army to block other armies or agents from using that route.

Blocking Fleet Movement

Positioning a fleet between two straits enables it to block other fleets from using that route and enemy armies or agents from crossing between the headlands.

Transports, Embarking & Disembarking

When an army attempts to cross the sea, a transport ship is automatically supplied to provide passage. While these ships are similar to military vessels, they are slower, more cumbersome and are unable to withstand sustained damage. With that in mind, transport ships require the protection of your fleets if they are to transport large armies across the sea. Selecting a fleet and right-clicking on a transport provides an armed escort for the journey: any attacks on the transport will have to face the fleet first. To disembark an army or agent onto land, select its transport ship and right-click on the coast.