Replenishing Your Forces


Attrition is the loss of men due to desertion, disease, etc. An army will generally suffer attrition when in desert or extremely cold conditions unless it is native to that part of the world. Ship crews and armies transported by sea may also suffer attrition when in deep waters.

Unit Replenishment

An army that has suffered casualties or attrition requires fresh recruits to replenish troop numbers. If it is on friendly territory unit replenishment will occur automatically. The closer it is to a region with fresh recruits in it, the faster the rate of replenishment will be. If no replenishment occurs it may be because the army is in an enemy province or an area of attrition. The rate of replenishment can be improved by the character's acquisition of certain household members or objects.

Ship Repair

A ship that has been damaged in combat must be repaired. In this instance, move to a friendly port to begin the process. The crew will be replenished at the same time.