Trade & Finance


Trade between regions and other factions is vital to economic development and prosperity. A province automatically receives trade wealth based on its constituent buildings. Some regions are rich in resources, valuable trade goods with prices that vary depending on supply and demand at any given time. Factions trade both goods and resources, so trade agreements made through diplomacy enable profitable trade routes to other factions.

The Trade & Finance Panel

Your global economy is also managed via the trade & finance panel. It shows a summary of your projected income, maps the effect that the current tax rate is having on public order and wealth, and allows the adjustment of tax levels globally for every region under your control. It is also possible to exempt a region from taxation here, should you need a temporary fix to a public order problem. Also displayed is information about how your resources are exported to your trade partners together with the profit made from each of them. Also shown are those resources you have gained from your trade partners and those you have yet to acquire.