When you select a settlement, the construction tab will appear. Left-click on a building to add it to the construction queue, and again to remove it. The cost of construction is displayed at the bottom and the time required is shown in the top left of the picture. Buildings facilitate unit production, can increase income, and improve governmental control within a province. The building chains constructible at each settlement often depend on the availability of particular resources, or the research of certain technologies, before they can be constructed. Right-click on a building's picture to view its description and statistics.

Building Repair

Buildings damaged during sieges or through sabotage can be repaired. If simply left, damaged buildings will be automatically repaired very slowly over time at no cost. However, if a building is ruined you must select it and click on the repair button that appears when you mouse over the building on the settlement panel.

Demolishing Buildings

Buildings can be demolished if you want to construct something else in their place (or leave nothing of value to an invader if you are about to lose a region to them) by use of the demolish button that appears when you mouse over a building on the settlement panel. Settlements and ports cannot be demolished at their base levels.


Farms are positioned in the fields in rural areas away from settlements. They provide an income and are an essential source of food, so not upgrading them will eventually lead to food shortages.


Ports enable the construction of ships for both war and trade, and as such are positioned on the coast. They also provide income and enable you to trade with other factions.

Legendary Buildings

When your faction reaches the top of a building chain and a certain event has occurred it may then be possible to construct a legendary building. If you are the first to construct one your faction will be awarded a permanent faction trait and its associated effects. Guard your legendary buildings well, they will quickly become a target for your enemies.


An empty construction slot or ruined building (one that is 100% damaged) can be turned into a slum. Slums consume food and generate squalor, but also increase population growth, enable the recruitment of mob units, and reduce the cost of recruiting light units.