Deploying Your Forces

The Deployment Phase

The deployment phase is the period of time between arriving on a battlefield and the start of the battle itself, where you can arrange your units into the formation of your choice. The enemy general will deploy his men within the opposite area. All units can be secretly arranged apart from siege engines and ships, due to their size. When complete, press the start battle button to begin fighting.

Deployable Items

The following fixed items can be set up during the deployment phase to aid your attack or defence:


Barricades are designed to waylay an opponent rather than inflict casulties. Often made from trees, stones or dug earth, a barricade can stop a cavalry charge, slow an infantry march, or create a killing zone for missile units.


Brimstone (sulphur) and bitumen, amongst other things, can be composited to create a highly dangerous weapon. Bitumen helps a slow-burning brimstone composite stick to things, especially men and mounts, causing severe burns if not death. In addition to fire arrows, the mixture can also be poured from towers during sieges. A brimstone pit can be deployed before a battle begins and ignited when an enemy charge is underway, ideally too late for it to be aborted.


Rocks, logs and hay bales can be set alight and used to disrupt battlelines prior to an attack or weaken the morale of the defenders. Objects can doused in pitch, brimstone, resin, sap, etc. depending on the desired effect. These deployable items are best used in ambush situations and/or on undulating terrain.

Sharp Stones

Sharp stone beds are created from various types of stone, constructed as a form of non-lethal defence around settlements. Stones can either sunk into the ground or layed in irregular piles. Infantry find these difficult objects to traverse, whereas cavalry can only pass through by picking routes between the stones. This slowing effect produces an effective killing zone in and around the stones, ideal ground for missile units to trap their targets.

Spike Traps

Spike traps are sunken stakes or groups of stakes concealed by foliage. Often producing more kills when charging, the foliage collapses when stepped on causing injury or death by impalement.


Wooden stakes are one of the most common settlement defences. A simple yet effective device, sharpened stakes are set in 45 degree lines to impale charging men or horses. They can easily be navigated around when moving slowly, but even this can be used to the advantage of missile units. Stakes angled this way can also enable defenders to sally forth without the risk of impalement.

Sudes Caltrops

Sudes are an extremely versatile weapon. Due to the nature of their construction they can be placed in the ground to create low palisades or interlocked to create a caltrop shape. In caltrop form, sudes can kill charging/running units from either direction (something that stakes cannot).