Appoint Legates

  • +1 experience for new champions
  • +1 experience rank(s) for land unit recruits

In an attempt to strengthen his power in Rome, Caesar appointed Legates for political reasons as well as their military skill. His appointment of Quintus Tullius Cicero to his staff from 54-52BC is a clear example, a move to curry favour with his more famous brother, the orator Marcus Tullius Cicero. In 53BC, Quintus and his Legion were dispatched to oversee the subjugated Nervii. Their subsequent rebellion, inspired by the Eburones massacre of the XIV Legion, led Caesar to praise Quintus’ fortitude in defence against the ferocious Nervii. Such praise, combined with Pompey’s campaign for his return from exile, did much to bring Rome’s foremost orator around to their cause.

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