Prolong Imperium

  • +1 levy units available in clients/satrapies
  • +1 authority
  • +3 Imperium

With the tenure of his first five years as Proconsul of Cisalpine and Transalpine Gaul coming to an end, Caesar needed to extend his imperium or face his downfall. His illegal actions, as both Consul and Proconsul, were widely reviled by his political enemies, but his imperium, or ‘power to command’ in the name of Rome, protected him from judicial prosecution. In exchange for securing the Consulships of 55BC for Pompey and Crassus, through bribery and the votes of his soldiers, the Senate debated his command in Gaul being extended for a further five years. With Cicero, now a reluctant supporter of the Triumvirate, arguing in Caesar’s favour this extension was passed.

Faction Availability