Professional Soldiery

  • -10% agent recruitment costs
  • +1 recruitment slots
  • -5% recruitment costs for all army units
  • -6% upkeep costs for all armies

Traditionally, the citizen armies of the ancient world were supplied by a combination of levies and volunteer troops. Often farmers and landowners, these men ultimately looked to return to their plots and families, comforted by the spoils of war. The professional solider was a different beast entirely. He gave his life to the army, never wavering to think on what awaited him back home. However, when a state discharged these men without suitable reward, they often turned to their generals. If successful in finding the spoils to offer his men, a general could exert huge influence and power. In 88BC Sulla was the first aggrieved general to march his men towards Rome, an act which led to many marches on the city by power hungry generals, followed by strong and powerful armies.

Faction Availability