Manipular Organisation

  • Enables the recruitment of rank 1 champions
  • +25% ammunition for all missile units

The Roman Legion was established in 320BC, splitting Rome’s forces into three distinct classes based on age, experience and wealth. The Legion was formed up as thirty compact blocks of men or 'maniples', deployed in a 'chessboard' formation. The 'hastati', made up of the youngest men, were the first to engage the enemy. Armed with 'pila' or javelins, they were backed by a second row of 'principes', men in the prime of their life who were formidable enough to close any battle for the Romans. They too were armed with pila as well as a sword for close combat. Behind this rank of men, the 'triarii' would wait. Often kept kneeling to help check any temptation to charge into the fray, these men were the most experienced troops in the Legion.

Faction Availability