African Elephants

Recruitment Cost 1,400
Upkeep Cost 180
Melee Attack 54
Weapon Damage 60
Charge Bonus 24
Melee Defence 21
Armour 30
Health 905
Base Morale 55
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Very good charge
  • High damage
  • Large amount of hit points
  • Average morale

The now-extinct African forest elephants were smaller than the Indian variety. At around two to two and a half metres in height, they were an imposing beast capable of causing panic in enemies unused to facing them in battle. Having fought Syracusan elephants in Sicily in 278-6BC, the Carthaginians captured and tamed the local elephants rather than importing larger specimens from India. The Carthaginians did, however, hire Indian experts to form the most powerful elephant corps of the period. At Bagradas River in 255BC, the Carthaginian elephants caused many casualties, leaving the Romans fearful of battling the creatures for many years afterwards.

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