Auxiliary Camel Archers

Recruitment Cost 450
Upkeep Cost 90
Missile Damage 35
Range 125
Shots Per Minute 6
Ammunition 15
Melee Attack 16
Weapon Damage 24
Charge Bonus 8
Melee Defence 15
Armour 10
Health 85
Base Morale 35
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Long range
  • Average rate of fire
  • Fast moving
  • Good damage but low armour penetration
  • Very weak in melee
  • Very poor morale

Camels have a number of advantages over horses: although notorious for their questionable temperament, they can be docile when handled correctly and are less nervous than horses. As desert creatures camels also have greater stamina and can endure long periods without water. This advantage offered a certain strategic flexibility to commanders, as long treks in arid conditions could then be undertaken. When faced by conventional cavalry, the size and odour of camels caused horses to rear-up and back away in a fight. The invention of the north Arabian saddle in the 4th century BC made effective control considerably easier; the steady, elevated position of the saddle enabled an archer to scan the battlefield and pick his targets off with some ease.

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