Recruitment Cost 200
Upkeep Cost 50
Melee Attack 50
Weapon Damage 34
Bonus vs Infantry 0
Charge Bonus 16
Melee Defence 31
Armour 40
Health 45
Base Morale 50
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Average attack
  • Weak defence
  • Average damage but low armour penetration
  • Poor morale

Unlike their 'civilised' counterparts, barbarian women had power within their societies, and were not to be crossed. On the battlefield, they tended the wounded, brought supplies forward, and inspired courage. With a strong sense of personal honour, they called down the gods' curses and swore vengeance on anyone who wronged them. Although without formal positions in tribal politics, in some societies a woman could still inherit the influence of her husband or father, and this could be used to take terrible vengeance. Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni from eastern Britannia, is the prime example of a powerful woman - the revolt she started threatened to drive the Romans from Britain.

Faction Availability