Longbow Hunters

Recruitment Cost 300
Upkeep Cost 90
Missile Damage 40
Range 125
Shots Per Minute 5
Ammunition 15
Melee Attack 8
Weapon Damage 24
Charge Bonus 3
Melee Defence 12
Armour 10
Health 45
Base Morale 25
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Long range
  • Average rate of fire
  • Good damage but low armour penetration
  • Very weak in melee
  • Very poor morale

The German warrior was exposed on an open, flat battlefield but, when fighting in hills and woodland, he had the advantage. Most were raised as hunters in dense forests, so became expert at stealthy manoeuvres and laying ambush. Whilst their battle tactics were proven, their longbows, often two metres in length and made of yew, lacked the power and accuracy of composite bows made in the east. Their ammunition was also somewhat lacking: limited iron supplies meant these men often fired bone-tipped arrows that struggled to pierce enemy armour. On the battlefield, archers lined up behind slingers - afforded some protection by the shields of the warriors in front of them.

Faction Availability