Picked Peltasts

Recruitment Cost 720
Upkeep Cost 120
Missile Damage 41
Range 80
Shots Per Minute 8
Ammunition 10
Melee Attack 28
Weapon Damage 36
Charge Bonus 12
Melee Defence 40
Armour 65
Health 55
Base Morale 55
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Short range
  • Fast rate of fire
  • Very good damage and armour penetration
  • Large shield
  • Very weak in melee
  • Poor morale

These skirmishers were named for their small crescent-shaped leather or wicker shields or 'peltai'. It was a common habit to name troops for their shield style in the Greek world. They wore little or no armour and carried three javelins. After harassing the enemy by flinging javelins, they would hastily retreat before any counter-charge or flanking move could be carried out. As armies developed and tactics became more complex, peltasts were expected to take part in hand-to-hand combat: with such expectation they were given stiffened linen cuirasses and short swords. They were still expected to use javelins, but could then join in the close fighting. Eventually, peltasts even exchanged their characteristic shield for the heavier thureos. Their name and battlefield function remained unchanged.

Faction Availability