Hellenic Royal Guard

Recruitment Cost 1,260
Upkeep Cost 200
Melee Attack 46
Weapon Damage 28
Charge Bonus 13
Melee Defence 38
Armour 90
Health 60
Base Morale 70
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Very good defensive unit
  • Low damage but average armour penetration
  • Average attack
  • Good morale
  • Very vulnerable when not in phalanx

Elite pikemen, the various Hellenic royal guards were modelled on a combination of their hoplite forebears and the Alexandrian pike reforms. Trading the traditional spear and hoplon for the longer sarissa and smaller shields mounted on their wrists, they were undoubtedly better equipped and to a more uniform standard than their counterparts, probably being comparable to the lochagos, or file commanders, of other phalanx armies. Kept and maintained at the king’s expense, royal guards were both highly drilled and disciplined. This close association with the king extended to their dwelling place, such units being garrisoned in or near the king’s palace or sleeping in the palace courtyards. Inspired by the elite units of Alexander, such as the hypaspists and Silver Shields, the concept of elite foot guards may have originated with the squires and armour bearers of the Companion cavalry.

Faction Availability