Lusitani Guerrillas

Recruitment Cost 400
Upkeep Cost 90
Melee Attack 18
Weapon Damage 25
Bonus vs. Large 20
Charge Bonus 12
Melee Defence 68
Armour 15
Health 50
Base Morale 45
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Average defensive unit
  • Low damage but average armour penetration
  • Weak attack
  • Poor morale

The Lusitani were an Iberian tribe, renowned for producing light skirmish warriors. They, along with other Iberians, presented a distinct and unpleasant challenge to Roman arms; Lusitani were even present among Hannibal’s ranks at the Battle of Cannae in 216BC. During the Roman incursions into Iberia between 155-139BC the Lusitani resisted, particularly once they had been lied to by, and subsequently massacred on the orders of, Servius Sulpicius Galba, the Praetor of Rome’s Iberian forces. He had convinced the Lusitani to give up their arms, and then had them slaughtered by his Legions. Seeking revenge, the Lusitani went on to fight a bitter guerrilla war against the invaders.

Faction Availability