Lusitani Spearmen

Recruitment Cost 700
Upkeep Cost 140
Melee Attack 32
Weapon Damage 29
Bonus vs. Large 20
Charge Bonus 25
Melee Defence 70
Armour 55
Health 55
Base Morale 65
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Average defensive unit
  • Low damage but average armour penetration
  • Weak attack
  • Poor morale

Rather than face an enemy in battle, where they would likely be outnumbered and defeated, guerrilla warriors carried out hit-and-run attacks, using high ground, sabotage, and ambush techniques to weaken enemy positions. Knowledge of the local terrain is essential in guerrilla warfare. Iberians were certainly well-suited to such tactics, having developed their skills through centuries of inter-tribal feuding. The Greek historian, Diodorus, said the following about Iberian guerrillas: “for those that are young and pressed with want, but yet are strong and courageous, get together upon the tops of the mountains, and furnish themselves with arms; and having made up a considerable body, make incursions into Iberia, and heap up riches by thieving and robbery; and this is their constant practice in despite of all hazard whatsoever; for being lightly armed, and nimble of foot, they are not easily surprised".

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