Iberian Skirmishers

Recruitment Cost 290
Upkeep Cost 80
Missile Damage 32
Range 80
Shots Per Minute 7
Ammunition 7
Melee Attack 8
Weapon Damage 24
Charge Bonus 3
Melee Defence 37
Armour 25
Health 45
Base Morale 25
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Short range
  • Fast rate of fire
  • Very good damage and armour penetration
  • Very weak in melee
  • Very poor morale

The Romans called Iberian skirmishers 'caetrati' after their 'caetra'-style shields; there are no records of what, if anything, the Iberians fighting in this style called themselves. The caetra was a small, round, wooden buckler no more than sixty centimetres across. The central handgrip and protruding metal boss meant that it could be used both defensively for protection and offensively to punch enemies in close combat. An experienced skirmisher would, of course, try to stay out of hand-to-hand combat as much as possible, and rely on his javelins to kill the enemy from a safe distance.

Faction Availability