Light Cavalry

Recruitment Cost 400
Upkeep Cost 70
Melee Attack 32
Weapon Damage 25
Bonus vs. Large 15
Charge Bonus 20
Melee Defence 24
Armour 10
Health 70
Base Morale 35
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Average charge
  • Low damage but average armour penetration
  • Weak in prolonged melee
  • Poor morale

Light Greek cavalry, these skirmishers used javelins to harry other cavalry and infantry, as well as to chase down skirmishers and fleeing troops. Recruited from amongst those citizens able to afford and stable a horse within the Greek city-states, they wore simple cloth armour and either rode bareback or used a saddlecloth-like blanket. Equipped with a supply of javelins and either a dagger or short sword, skirmish cavalry avoided direct confrontation, using their manoeuvrability to prevent heavier cavalry and infantry getting to grips with them. This limited their effectiveness in early Greek warfare to chasing off psiloi and running down fleeing hoplites, but as more cavalry and lighter types of infantry began to develop their usefulness increased. Often deployed to support the weaker left flank in battle, their role became one of misdirection and waylaying, while the traditionally stronger right flank would break the opposing line.

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