Gladiator Spearmen

Recruitment Cost 440
Upkeep Cost 90
Melee Attack 45
Weapon Damage 29
Bonus vs. Large 20
Charge Bonus 28
Melee Defence 70
Armour 10
Health 60
Base Morale 50
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Good defensive unit
  • Low damage but average armour penetration
  • Average attack
  • Normal morale

Gladiators were usually slaves, condemned criminals or prisoners of war but others did enter the arena. Those with debts or a lust for glory could sell themselves as gladiators, and soldiers who had given ground might be sent to the arena as punishment. A gladiator's life was arduous and brutal, even before fighting in the games. Trainees could, and would, be killed in practice if they fought beneath their abilities, as a way of encouraging the others. The ludus, the training ground and home of gladiators, was run by a lanista, and within its walls his word was law. Outside the arena he was considered to be on the bottom rung of society; some Roman cemeteries did not allow the bodies of lanistas to be buried inside their walls, even. Having said that, there was also a peculiar glamour about their business and some were famed amongst games fans as the men who owned and trained gladiators - the sports stars of the Roman world.

Faction Availability