Noble Horse Archers

Recruitment Cost 790
Upkeep Cost 140
Missile Damage 40
Range 125
Shots Per Minute 7
Ammunition 15
Melee Attack 49
Weapon Damage 34
Charge Bonus 16
Melee Defence 16
Armour 40
Health 85
Base Morale 60
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Long range
  • Fast rate of fire
  • Fast moving
  • Good damage but low armour penetration
  • Very weak in melee
  • Poor morale

Far from being simple, ignorant barbarians, the various steppe tribes had a great cultural wealth. Living in an area stretching from the Caspian Sea to the northern shores of the Black Sea; the Greeks called them 'Scythians' and the Persians 'Saka', while a western group became known as the Sarmatians. Wearing trousers marked them as barbarians as far as the Greeks were concerned, before their tall, pointed caps and swarthy appearances were even considered. Looks apart, they were, however, exceptional horsemen, highly-skilled with composite-recurve bows and deadly hand-to-hand fighters. Grave goods suggest that Scythian women were as warlike as their men, and probably fought alongside them in battle. This may well be the origin of the Greek myths of Amazon warrior women.

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