Thracian Horsemen

Recruitment Cost 500
Upkeep Cost 100
Melee Attack 31
Weapon Damage 27
Bonus vs. Large 10
Charge Bonus 31
Melee Defence 36
Armour 60
Health 80
Base Morale 45
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Good attack
  • Average defence
  • Low damage but average armour penetration
  • Average morale

Prized for their strong and swift horses, archaic Thracian cavalry mostly consisted of skirmishers. Their weapons varied from tribe to tribe, but they typically used javelins and the kopis sword, although the eastern tribes were known for their skill with the composite bow. Thracians generally rode unarmoured, apart from the crescent shaped pelte shield. Mainly, they fought while dismounted, the pelte being strapped to their backs whilst riding. What little heavy cavalry there was in Thrace took the form of the king’s bodyguard. All of this changed with the introduction of the saddle in the 4th century BC. Probably adopted either from their Scythian neighbours or the invading Celts, the saddle led to Thracian cavalry becoming more heavily armoured, with riders wearing metal helmets and corselets, and using rounded shields. Their armament also changed, with the spear and sica being more commonly employed. A forward curving Thracian sword, the sica could easily slice off a limb.

Faction Availability