Sanctuary of Thunaraz

Cost 3,200
Repair cost 1,280
Repair cost if ruined 2,560
  • Commercial Stimulation Edict: +15% wealth from industry buildings
  • +20% wealth from industry
  • +2 Germanic cultural influence
  • 240 wealth from entertainment (culture)
  • +2 public order per turn
Building Chain (Marcomanni (Emperor Edition), Suebi, Suebi (Caesar in Gaul))

Literally meaning thunder, Thunaraz was one of the gods of the sky. He is very similar to the Norse god Thor and governed storms. He was best known for his incredible strength and for wielding a heavy hammer in battle as he rode his chariot across the heavens. Thunaraz was not inclined to get involved with politics and the lives of men as Teiwaz and Wodanaz did, but was seen as a great protector. He was the most popular god among the common German people and was especially worshipped by farmers and rural folk who depended on his gifts of rain for good harvests. These farmers were also the warriors of a barbarian army in times of war, and Thunaraz in his aggressive ways was a great inspiration to them. His power was seen in its purest form in lightning: a magical force that struck from the sky with great destructive power. Today his name lives on in English as the fifth day of the week, Thursday.

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