Sanctuary of Wodanaz

Cost 7,200
Repair cost 2,880
Repair cost if ruined 5,760
  • Tribute Collection Edict +8 public order from taxes
  • +16% wealth from all sources
  • +8 Germanic cultural influence
  • +8 public order per turn
  • -8 food
Building Chain (Marcomanni (Emperor Edition), Suebi, Suebi (Caesar in Gaul))

Meaning literally 'the Raging One', Wodanaz was the chief of all the gods. Aligned with Odin in Norse mythology, he was the foremost of the Aesir and a complicated deity. Son of giants, he presided over wisdom, philosophy, art and poetry. He sacrificed himself to himself by hanging, dangling from the World Tree for nine days and nine nights. His reward was the learning of powerful songs and the 24 runes of power. He also attained great knowledge by giving up one of his eyes in return for a drink from the Well of Wisdom. Wodanaz is seen as the creator of the German people and the lord of magic, death and prophetic power. Knowledge, wisdom and even berserker fury are given to those who pay homage to him.

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