Meeting Ground

Cost 1,100
Repair cost 440
Repair cost if ruined 880
  • +1 army recruitment capacity
  • +10% melee infantry melee attack upon recruitment
  • +10% melee infantry melee defence upon recruitment
  • 100 wealth from entertainment (culture)
  • -1 food
Building Chain (Ardiaei (Pirates & Raiders), Arevaci, Arevaci (Hannibal at the Gates), Arverni, Arverni (Caesar in Gaul), Boii, Dacia (Emperor Edition), Galatia, Getae (Pirates & Raiders), Iceni, Iceni (Emperor Edition), Lusitani, Lusitani (Hannibal at the Gates), Marcomanni (Emperor Edition), Massagetae, Nervii, Nervii (Caesar in Gaul), Odrysian Kingdom (Pirates & Raiders), Roxolani, Royal Scythia, Suebi, Suebi (Caesar in Gaul), Tylis (Pirates & Raiders))

Much of what we know of barbarian tribes comes from accounts set down by Roman and Greek writers, and they are often extremely critical. However, Gaius Cornelius Tacitus, in the book ‘Germania’, writes about the Germanic tribes with great respect. He described a people who were very open and hospitable, and who loved nothing more than feasting and celebrating great deeds. He was also impressed that they resolved all tribal issues at a council where every man's voice could be heard. Also remarking on the fidelity shown within Germanic marriages, there was one aspect of their lives that Tacitus found deplorable and barbaric - he thoroughly disapproved of "their habitual drunkenness”.