Cost 1,200
Repair cost 480
Repair cost if ruined 960
  • +1% wealth from all sources
  • 50 wealth from subsistence
  • +1 growth per turn
Building Chain (Ardiaei (Pirates & Raiders), Arevaci, Arevaci (Hannibal at the Gates), Arverni, Arverni (Caesar in Gaul), Boii, Dacia (Emperor Edition), Galatia, Getae (Pirates & Raiders), Iceni, Iceni (Emperor Edition), Lusitani, Lusitani (Hannibal at the Gates), Marcomanni (Emperor Edition), Massagetae, Nervii, Nervii (Caesar in Gaul), Odrysian Kingdom (Pirates & Raiders), Roxolani, Royal Scythia, Suebi, Suebi (Caesar in Gaul), Tylis (Pirates & Raiders))

Roman and Greek historians often described the barbarian tribes as wandering people who lived for the hunt and knew little of farming and construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. A number of structures have been discovered that show that so-called 'barbarians' had a firm grasp of building techniques and were able to construct homes and defences that have survived for thousands of years. Brochs, dry stone buildings found in Scotland, survived the harsh weather and provide interesting information about the people who built them. Many were multi-storey dwellings and historians still debate their use: some believe they were defensive structures; others argue they may have been prestige buildings, symbols of wealth and power.